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Fundamental Finance Academy in Denver, CO, offers a dynamic and inspiring experience for our financial workshop audiences throughout the Denver Metro. All topics are based on personal finance and attendees leave our events feeling empowered to change their life immediately for the better.

Our speaking engagements are custom-tailored to your audience depending on size, time, and type of event. Below is a sample of speaking topics you may choose from, or you can work with Holly to customize a talk for your audience!

    • Overcoming Financial Stress to Live Your Best Life
    • 7 Tips for Money Mastery: How to Build Wealth in Seven Simple Steps
    • The Psychology of Money: Learn your spending personality and understand how to do more and have more with your current income.
    • Create a Spending Plan that Works: Do you feel like you don’t have any money left at the end of the month? Are you unsure of what you should be saving each month to reach your goals? We will explore what percentage of your income you go toward housing, transportation, food, retirement, savings, entertainment, etc. Starting with where you are now, we’ll discuss what is a budget, how to make a budget, and how to get on track to purchase a home, get out of debt, travel, build an emergency fund, plan for retirement, or fund your child’s education.
    • How to Increase Your Credit Score in 3 Easy Steps
    • Turn Your Paycheck into Gold: How to Go from In Debt to In the Money
    • – Do I Really Need an Estate Plan? Learn what you need and why.
    • How to Get Your Finances in Order in Less Than One Hour a Week: Learn how to make paying bills and managing your finances a piece of cake in less than one hour a week. After learning what is a budget and how to make a budget, you will also get easy-to-follow steps to make bill-paying a breeze, eliminate stacks of paper, and create a system to keep track of important documents.
    •  I Am Recently Single. What Should I Be Doing Financially? This talk is for those who are suddenly on their own with personal finances due to divorce or loss. We will cover how to get out of debt, how to build an emergency fund, insurance, creating a spending plan, credit cards, retirement planning, and more.

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Holly Novak of Fundamental Finance Academy offers individual and corporate training on personal finance and overall financial literacy throughout the Denver Metro. Through financial workshops for all ages, she speaks on how to save money, how to get out of debt, how to make a budget, and much more.

Fundamental Finance Academy works with individuals and organizations in Denver and surrounding areas. Contact FFA today by phone at (303) 827-2428 or by email at Info@FundamentalFinanceAcademy.com to schedule your personal finance counseling or financial workshop.