What People Are Saying About Fundamental Finance Academy 

“Fundamental Finance Academy’s private program gave me the understanding of where I am and where I want to be with a more clear direction of how to get there.” Scott L. Lafayette, CO

“Holly knows her financial FACTS! I liked the workshop because it “dumbed-down” finances for me so I could understand. Finances have always haunted my day-to-day life. Now I feel 100-times more confidant about building wealth and getting out of debt.” Kay B. Boulder, CO

“The private program has improved our lives.” Mirenda and Joel M. Boulder, CO

“FFA’s workshop was amazing and very beneficial. It made me really think about what I am spending my money on and what I should be saving each month.. The most beneficial lesson to me was how to pay down debt.” Jovi T. Fort Collins, CO

“I’m recently divorced and my husband had always handled the finances. Holly’s helping me in so many ways. All of the things I’ve learned from her are things I never knew about. I adore Holly – she’s very positive and optimistic. She says things to me, that as adults, we don’t hear very much, like “I’m proud of you.” It makes you feel good! I think that Holly goes above and beyond, and this course is invaluable. You’re going to learn things that are going to shock you. It’s empowering. I would recommend using Holly hands-down over anyone else.” Tasha P. Denver, CO

“The private program opened communication with my wife regarding budgeting and how to get out of debt, gave me peace of mind and understanding about personal finance, created tangible next steps to get out of debt, and gave us hands-on instruction on how to create and manage a spending plan together. Jack J. Lyons, CO

“After taking FFA’s workshop, I learned in depth information about; 1. How to repair my credit score myself without paying someone else, 2. Cutting down on daily financial set backs such as gourmet coffee, 3.The smartest way to invest what extra income I accumulate 4. Most importantly how to pay off the debts that I have presently, quicker! Not only did I retain all of this amazing knowledge from her through the course, but (I received) a “workshop manual” which is an interactive packet that I could follow along easier and be pro-active about what she was teaching! I would highly recommend this workshop for ANYONE because I think FFA has put together something that hasn’t been offered elsewhere yet is extremely imperative that EVERYONE know this information! ” Liz C. Denver, CO

“Holly not only serves as a business professional but she also at times was a counselor. Holly was always very professional and on time. Anyone looking to get the foundation of financial education should definitely contact Holly.” Rick G. Denver, CO

“The workshop was very informative and enjoyable. It reinforced that my current plan to get out of debt is logical and will work with discipline and consistency.” Travis H. Denver, CO

“Holly’s not just a good accountant or financial person, she’s a good business person.” Barry P. Founder, Pharmaca, Boulder, CO