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Fundamental Finance Academy Financial Wellness Programs

Increase your bottom line through improved employee productivity!

The work we do with organizations is perhaps the most significant financial literacy service we offer. We partner with businesses including mortgage lenders, non-profit companies, banks, high schools, credit unions, and more.

Through our corporate training and business coaching on financial literacy, we focus on many financial how-to’s such as: how to make a budget, how to get out of debt, how to save money, and how to manage your credit score.

Twenty-four percent of employees admit their personal finances have been a distraction at work. We will teach them how to stretch their paychecks further, be more organized, and be on top of their personal finances. Offering financial wellness programs to employees has fast become the norm. Over 40% of companies say they already have a financial wellness strategy in place or they plan to introduce them.

Employee Financial Wellness Programs in Denver, CO

As a company, gain hiring leverage by offering our “Personal Finance 101″ workshop to your employees! Offering financial literacy education through our corporate training seminars and business coaching to your employees will set your business apart.

“Financial worries can manifest themselves in the workplace as employees moonlight to pick up extra money, or can cause anxiety, depression, absenteeism and productivity problems that affect the bottom line”, says Jonathan Hefner, manager of legal and financial counseling services for Ceridian, a Minneapolis-based provider of employee counseling services.

Believe it or not, money woes can take a severe toll on employees.

“Financial stress is probably the number one stress that gets people to fail,” says Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO of online bank ING Direct. “People are preoccupied and not being as productive.”

Fundamental Finance Academy’s corporate training seminars and business coaching on financial literacy can help eliminate your employees’ stress regarding their personal finances. Read more on the ROI of solid employee financial security in this article by Principal Financial Group.

Customized Financial Wellness Programs in Denver, CO

We can customize a business coaching program focused on financial literacy for your company. What would increase your bottom line? Higher employee productivity? More skilled and experienced employees? A higher degree of teamwork? A pro-company mindset? What would it look like if your employees came to work focused, inspired, and aligned with your company’s mission statement? Fundamental Finance Academy in Denver, CO, will team with your company’s needs to focus on these things with a bottom-up approach. Paying for financial advice now will benefit you, your company, and your employees for the long-term. Read this article on paying for financial sense by The New York Times to learn more.

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Holly Novak of Fundamental Finance Academy offers individual and group training on personal finance and overall financial literacy throughout the Denver Metro area. Through financial workshops for all ages, she speaks on how to save money and get out of debt, how to make a budget, and much more.

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