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Fundamental Finance Academy helps businesses retain top talent through financial wellness programs for employees, and individuals gain the financial literacy needed to gain control of their family finances. Based in Denver, CO, we help businesses, employees, individuals, and couples throughout Denver and the United States.

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Hire Us To Help Develop Your Employee Financial Wellness Program

When employees are stressed about their personal finances, it can end up costing the company. Retain your best employees and increase profits through our proven approach to financial wellness programs. To see how you can make a $5.93 to $1 savings ratio with a proper financial wellness plan, click here to see the ROI of Financial Wellness Infographic.
Through trainings, break-out sessions, keynotes, and full- and multi-day workshops, Certified Financial Health Counselor and Accredited Financial Counselor Holly Novak delivers financial wellness programs customized to your business needs.

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Attend Money Management & Personal Finance Workshops in Denver!

Whether you are graduating from high school or college or are many years into your career, our financial workshop will help you master your personal finances. Our easy-to-follow, seven fundamentals will take you step-by-step to healthy financial literacy. You do not need a high income to become wealthy. What you do need is a guide, and our financial workshop will teach you how to eliminate debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, understand your credit score, save money, and prepare for retirement. We want you to have more, do more, and feel good when you think about your money. View our upcoming financial money management, & personal finance classes in Denver.